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For Purpose Tuesdays- Final 2021 Session

For Purpose Tuesdays with Rebecca Droop

Our last 2021 session of For Purpose Tuesdays took place yesterday, on Tuesday 14th December, with Rebecca Droop, Analyst, from 2into3. Rebecca spoke to our graduates about Data Driven Decision- making in the Irish nonprofit sector, highlighting the nonprofit sector challenges and suggesting ideas to overcome these problems.


Rebecca Droop is a previous Assistant Analyst on the For Purpose Graduate Programme. She was recently promoted to Analyst in 2into3, conducting research for the Irish Giving Index and Giving Ireland in 2021. She also presents her fundraising findings at open webinars. We were thrilled to have one of our previous graduates speak to our current For Purpose grads.


Our graduates were then placed into breakout rooms. Rebecca asked the grads to consider the challenges their individual organisation’s face in the nonprofit sector. Some graduates discussed the lack of data available in the nonprofit sector to gain insight into their field. Other graduates mentioned how limited resources including staff, budget and time etc., reduced the organisations’ capacity to build and achieve their goals.


It is extremely beneficial for our graduates to discuss the challenges they face in their organisations. Through discussion and idea sharing we attempt to provide solutions in an open but confidential space. Rebecca interacted with our graduates furthermore through a Q&A session. Our graduates discussed other topics including working from home, data challenges in their field and more.


Thank you to our 2021 Panelists

For Purpose Tuesdays was our newest addition to the For Purpose Graduate Programme. Our four sessions have been extremely successful and we would like to thank John Evoy, Eabha Harper McKeever, Rob Foley, Rebecca Droop for speaking during each session.

For Purpose Tuesdays has been an excellent opportunity for our graduates to build a rapport with their peers, whilst gaining knowledge from sector experts and leaders.

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For Purpose Tuesdays Rob Foley For Purpose Graduate Programme

Thanks for attending For Purpose Tuesdays with Rob Foley

On Tuesday 9th November, For Purpose kicked off their third session of For Purpose Tuesdays. A huge thank you to Rob Foley, Senior Consultant at 2into3, who spoke to our graduates about the Fundraising Landscape in Ireland. Much of Rob’s work centres on relationship-based fundraising campaigns, wider strategy development and board engagement. Rob presented his strategic fundraising process, and asked our graduates about the future of fundraising in their respective nonprofit organisations.

2into3 work with mission-driven organisations to build capacity, so that they can have a transformative impact on society in Ireland and the world. 2into3 help in early stage strategy implementation and guide clients through early prospect identification and fundraising.

Rob Foley works with nonprofits to transform their fundraising strategy, supporting organisations through the fundraising journey from assessing the level of funding required, to developing the optimal fundraising mix. We were delighted that Rob attended our For Purpose Tuesdays session to chat to our graduates about fundraising in their nonprofit organisations.


For Purpose- Fundraising Session

During yesterday’s session, the graduates were placed into breakout rooms to brainstorm ideas for future fundraised income. The graduates proposed fantastic ideas from increasing fundraised income in communities, to developing greater brand awareness for each nonprofit sector. Placing our graduates into breakout rooms introduced an incentive to discuss fundraising knowledge and develop ideas for the future of the nonprofit sector.

For Purpose Tuesdays has been an excellent opportunity for our graduates to build a rapport with their peers, whilst gaining knowledge from sector leaders. Our final session of 2021 will take place next month, on the second Tuesday of December. Thanks a million to all of our graduates for participating, and to Rob for hosting this session.

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For Purpose Tuesdays

Thanks to Éabha Harper McKeever – For Purpose Tuesdays

For Purpose Tuesdays

A massive thank you to our previous For Purpose Graduate, Éabha Harper-McKeever, for speaking at our For Purpose Tuesdays session. Éabha began her career with Social Entrepreneurs Ireland as a Programmes Assistant in 2020. Éabha is now the Programmes Executive and plays an integral role within Social Entrepreneurs Ireland.

This was our first peer-learning section of our monthly seminar. Éabha introduced peer-to-peer conversations between the graduates with ice breakers. Afterwards, she detailed her role at Social Entrepreneurs Ireland and described the transition to her current position. This was an excellent learning experience for our graduates who are also aiming to secure positions upon completion of the For Purpose Graduate Programme.

Social Entrepreneurs Ireland

Social Entrepreneurs Ireland find people with solutions to social problems and support them on every step of their journey. Over the past 15 years, they have supported 314 social entrepreneurs through their support programmes. Furthermore, they walk with each social entrepreneur from the moment they have an idea through to when they solve the problem.

Moreover, since 2008, there have been several transformative social entrepreneurs who have tackled some extremely pressing social issues in Ireland. Social Entrepreneurs Ireland are currently supporting 3 fantastic organisations: MyMind, Mobility Mojo and jumpAgrade.


For Purpose Graduate Conversations

After the graduates learnt more about Social Entrepreneurs Ireland, groups of 3-4 people were created to discuss systems, apps, and strategies that improve time management and organisation.

This is a crucial aspect of For Purpose Tuesdays. It is important that our graduates learn from each other in a comfortable environment, sharing any tips they have gained throughout their individual placements.


Thank you to our graduates for attending and engaging in our second For Purpose Tuesdays. A warm thank you to Éabha for her fantastic presentation and excellent interpersonal skills throughout the session.

For further information on our programme or any of the information discussed above, visit our website or contact Rhonda Wynne directly.

We look forward to our next session!

For Purpose Graduate Programme Tuesdays Thanks for Attending 2021

Thanks for attending For Purpose Tuesdays

Thanks for attending our first For Purpose Tuesdays session on 14th September. Our first learning seminar was from John Evoy, General Manager of Grow Remote.

Structure of For Purpose Tuesdays

The For Purpose grads were placed into breakout rooms. This gave them a chance to understand each other’s role, responsibilities and to access peer-to-peer conversation.

Afterwards, John Evoy described his career journey to our graduates. From working as a farmer, to his career with ‘Grow remote’, John has many years’ experience in the nonprofit sector. He is the founder and previous CEO of, ‘Irish Men’s Shed Association’. This is a place where men can come together to learn skills and make long-lasting friendships together in their community.

The Men’s Shed has achieved significant success across Ireland, receiving governmental and European recognition of their contribution to Ireland. In 2018, the Association received the European Citizen’s Award after being nominated by Irish MEPs.

Hereafter, John discussed his career with ‘Grow Remote’ in a Q&A format with our graduates.


What is Grow Remote?

Grow remote is a community group who were initially curious about how remote working could help our communities.

Grow Remote’s aim is to develop the entire ecosystem for remote working. John believes there is unlimited potential for remote working in Ireland, as we can reduce traffic, create more co-working spaces, with less fossil fuels burned from travelling to work. More remote working could result in greater spending in local communities, having a transformative impact on smaller villages and towns in Ireland.

There are 50,000 remote jobs available in Ireland currently, including many startups which are now fully remote. The benefit of continuing to work this way is having the freedom over your own time and personal priorities.

John’s learning seminar was extremely beneficial for our graduates, because it opened the possibility of remaining remote after the pandemic is well and truly over.


Our first learning seminar of our For Purpose Tuesdays was extremely successful. We would like to extend a warm thank you to John for sharing his knowledge with our graduates. We look forward to joining our graduates next month at For Purpose Tuesdays!

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For Purpose Tuesdays

For Purpose Tuesdays

For Purpose Tuesdays

We are delighted to announce our newest addition to the For Purpose Graduate Programme, ‘For Purpose Tuesdays’, in which the second Tuesday of each month will be dedicated to ongoing professional development for our grads.

The For Purpose Graduate Programme contains three key ingredients: work placement, reflection, mentoring, and learning seminars. During the Summer, we spoke to graduates who completed the programme. We asked for feedback and some ideas to enhance what we do. They indicated a strong interest in more frequent seminars and more peer-to-peer contact.

As a result of their insights, we have reimagined the learning seminars. We want to share the talent, skills and knowledge of each graduate group and provide a forum to learn about the variety of contexts in which they work, outlining the various roles and responsibilities they hold.

Commencing in September 2021, the second Tuesday morning of each month will be dedicated to ongoing professional development. ‘For Purpose Tuesdayswill be a mix of learning seminars, which will alternate between:

  • Presentations and workshops with sector leaders and experts.
  • Peer led learning: opportunities for graduates from across the sector to share experience and learning and to discuss ideas.

This blend will facilitate shared learning and provide an opportunity for graduates to chat informally about their work.


‘For Purpose Tuesdays’- Commencing 14th September

We look forward to kicking off ‘For Purpose Tuesdays’ on 14th September, with John Evoy, General Manager of ‘Grow Remote’. We are delighted that John will be sharing his expertise on, ‘Social Enterprises: From Start up to Sustainability.’

John was most recently a Senior Fund Manager at Rethink Ireland. Prior to this, he was the founder of the Irish Men’s Sheds Association. John has won a number of awards for his work with Men’s Sheds, and for his previous work in community development and social entrepreneurship, including an Irish People of the Year Award in 2015.

We are looking forward to beginning a new chapter of the For Purpose Graduate Programme. We hope to see our graduates benefiting professionally from our newest section of the programme.

For more information on the components of our programme, click here or contact Rhonda Wynne directly.

for purpose gradireland graduate recruitment awards

For Purpose celebrates gradireland Graduate Recruitment Awards nomination

For Purpose is delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted for ‘Best Graduate Recruitment Website’ and ‘Best Graduate Training and Development Programme – Business/Management Programmes’ in the gradireland Graduate Recruitment Awards 2021. These nominations are a credit to our For Purpose team, who have worked hard over the past three years to produce exceptional training, development programme and a professional website. 

This is our third year being shortlisted for the gradireland Graduate Recruitment Awards, which is a huge achievement since launching For Purpose in October 2018. Over the years, we have connected excellent graduate talent with fantastic nonprofit organisations in Ireland. Our graduates have continued in their professions, with many progressing from their graduate positions to associates within their organisations.  

A massive thank you to all the organisations and graduates who have worked with us over the past year, during this difficult time for both parties. We have partnered with some brilliant organisations to provide graduate opportunities across the nonprofit sector in fundraising, communications, marketing, housing management and property surveying. We are extremely proud to be representing Ireland’s only nonprofit graduate programme at the award ceremony, alongside other leading graduate recruitment companies.  

Gradireland provides job opportunities for Irish graduates, from a range of leading organisations. This is the fifteenth annual gradireland Graduate Recruitment Award ceremony. Due to COVID-19, the award ceremony will not be taken place physically this year for the second year running. Each awards category were judged, and then shortlisted, by a panel of experts from the industry relevant to each category.  

For more information on the For Purpose Graduate Programme, contact Rhonda Wynne. For further information on each award category, visit

ucd social impact careers week for purpose graduate programme

For Purpose Attends UCD’s Social Impact Recruitment Week

For Purpose attended UCD’s Speed Networking Event on Wednesday 31st March, as part of their Social Impact Recruitment week. Over 260 students signed up for their Careers Week and we received significant engagement during our presentation.

Our For Purpose manager, Adrian, gave an overview of the For Purpose Programme and nonprofit sector. He highlighted the different career paths available to potential graduates through For Purpose.

Three of our For Purpose Graduates, Conall, Eilís and Emily, outlined what attracted them to the nonprofit sector. They also explained their role, what they have learned on the For Purpose programme and key tips for students interested in applying.

The session moved into individual breakout rooms with smaller groups of students for a Q&A discussion with the graduates. This provided students with a chance to ask the For Purpose graduates for any further tips.

Many students had questions surrounding the recruitment process and when to apply. Each question was answered by our For Purpose graduates in considerable detail, leaving the students with both an insight into For Purpose and the nonprofit sector.

If you would like For Purpose to attend your university’s Careers Event, please email Adrian McCarthy for more information.

Meet Our Grads For Purpose Graduate Programme Development Officer Ellen

Meet Our Grads

Introducing Ellen, who joined For Purpose as the Development Assistant for St. Conleth’s College in October 2019. Since her time with For Purpose, Ellen has continued her career with St. Conleth’s College as their Development Coordinator.



“As the Development Assistant, I worked really closely with the school’s CEO, Development Officer and Financial Controller with all things development and fundraising.”

Ellen discusses how one of her favourite things about the For Purpose Graduate Programme was that, “It really went beyond just finding roles for the graduates in the sector, we were given a lot of support and learning opportunities.”

The transition from college to full time work can be challenging. At For Purpose, we provide support and guidance to our graduates from day one.

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gradireland live for purpose graduate programme 2021 virtual careers

For Purpose attends gradireland live

We are thrilled to announce that For Purpose will be attending gradireland live next Thursday 11th March.

The For Purpose Graduate Programme connects nonprofit organisations with passionate graduates. If you’re considering recruiting a graduate seeking purpose in their careerwe’ll be at grad fair next Thursday 11th March meeting this talented pool of graduates.

This is our third year attending gradireland’s careers event. Due to COVID-19, gradireland live will be held virtuallyInteractions will be on a one-to-one basis via a meeting room and ware also hosting a talk on ‘Careers in the Nonprofit Sector’.

The For Purpose Graduate Programme will be the only nonprofit programme present at the eventWe will be meeting some of Ireland’s top graduate talent amongst leading employers across the graduate programme landscape in Ireland.

Join us virtually to learn more about our For Purpose Graduate Programme, and how your organisation could benefit from recruiting an enthusiastic graduate.


Please contact or direct on 087 910 3872 for more information.

for purpose learning seminar

For Purpose Graduates attend Learning Seminar with Teach Tearmainn

This week, the For Purpose graduates attended their first Learning Seminar of the year, with a presentation from Teach Tearmainn’s Manager, Lorraine Rowan.

The Learning Seminar benefited the graduates as they gained insight into the organisational strategy, mission and purpose of Teach Tearmainn. Furthermore, they participated in a Q&A with Lorraine. Connecting an industry professional with our For Purpose graduates deepened their understanding of non-profit organisations.

Teach Tearmainn provides free and confidential support services, information and emergency accommodation to women and children who are suffering from domestic violence and abuse in the Kildare and West Wicklow area.  Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an upsurge in domestic violence in Ireland. Teach Tearmainn offers a 24/7 helpline, provides women and children with support groups, and much more.

Learning Seminars are one of the unique aspects of the For Purpose Graduate Programme, where we assist in the development of our graduates professional careers.