For Purpose is Ireland’s nonprofit graduate programme.

For Purpose was established to provide a cohesive and unified graduate programme for the nonprofit sector in Ireland in order to attract, mentor and develop the future leaders of the sector. The programme connects nonprofit and charity organisations with talented graduates who are searching for purpose in their careers and the chance to make an impact on civil society.

For Purpose offers graduate positions across a range of careers paths, from fundraising and communications to housing development, finance and more.

Have a look below at our team, mentors, and advisory panel to find out more about us!


Expert mentors with a depth of experience in their careers and in the nonprofit sector provide one-to-one mentoring sessions to graduate trainees on the For Purpose programme.

Jane Trenaman
Jane Trenaman Salesforce For Purpose Mentor

Jane is a nonprofit strategic advisor, with years of experience in fundraising, marketing and research in the nonprofit sector.

Philip Regan

Philip is an Associate of 2into3, consulting on all aspects of organisational capacity building for nonprofit organisations.

Amy Power
Amy Power Rethink Ireland For Purpose Mentor

Amy is a Fund Manager at Rethink Ireland. Amy has supported a wide range of nonprofit sector leaders to identify their needs and develop plans in order to grow and be sustainable.

Neil Bolton

Neil has over 20 years’ experience in social housing, gained in both the UK and Ireland.

Emma Morgan
Emma Morgan For Purpose Mentor

Emma Morgan has worked in the nonprofit sector for 12 years. She has a background specialising in fundraising development and organisational strategy.

Niall O’Sullivan

Niall has worked in philanthropy and the nonprofit sector for over 20 years.

Annalisa O’Carroll

Annalisa is an executive coach and business consultant, delivering high value education, support and strategic planning programmes.

Advisory Panel

For Purpose is guided by an advisory panel comprised of nonprofit leaders, HR experts and former graduate trainees. The advisory panel was established to ensure that For Purpose is relevant to the needs of both the nonprofit sector and graduates and also to determine the programmes vision and aims.

Elizabeth Bolger

Elizabeth is the Director of Programmes with The Wheel. Elizabeth brings a valuable insight into the nonprofit sector’s requirements for graduates.

Philip Regan

Philip is an associate of 2into3 consulting nonprofit organisations on their HR strategies. Philip provides a wealth of experience in HR to the panel.