For Purpose provides nonprofit organisations access to a pool of highly capable and ambitious graduates who want to make an impact on society. What sets the For Purpose programme apart from other in-house graduate programmes, is the level of support and additional training the graduate receives.

The programme covers a wide range of career paths in a number of different sectors ranging from social services, international, housing & development and more.

“Through For Purpose’s thorough and comprehensive recruitment process we’re confident that we can get a candidate who can immediately step up and start assisting and performing from day one”

Public Fundraising ManagerFocus Ireland

Why Join the Programme?

Mentoring & Graduate Development

Graduates on the programme receive one-to-one monthly mentoring sessions from a For Purpose mentor who is highly experienced in their career. The role of the mentor is to help foster the development of graduates over the course of the programme by offering impartial guidance and support. Mentoring is a key benefit of the programme for the graduate and for organisations. What graduates say about mentors.

Facilitated Training

For Purpose in partnership with The Wheel has launched a bespoke facilitated training programme for graduates undertaking traineeships in certain areas of the programme. The training is provided by expert facilitators over an 8 day comprehensive programme which includes modules on negotiation skills, presentation skills, the nonprofit landscape in Ireland and further areas. This training programme is available to organisations who wish to avail it for a number of graduate trainees. Hear what the Graduates think of it.

Learning Seminars with Industry Champions

As part of the programme all graduates attend learning seminars hosted by experienced professionals working in the nonprofit sector. Each seminar examines a different theme which range from career planning to strategic planning and the role of good governance in the sector. The learning seminars also provide an opportunity for graduates across the programme working in different organisations to develop a network. See who hosted our 2019 seminars here.

Access to high potential graduates

We attract high-potential graduates who can serve a dual purpose of addressing your organisation’s entry-level resourcing requirements while also providing a pipeline of talent for the future. Recent vacancies in past few months have attracted over 300 applicants per role, demonstrating the high level of interest in the programme.

Full Recruitment Process

We manage each stage of the recruitment process from the start through to completion, significantly reducing the time and administrative requirements for organisations.

Proven Track Record

Since 2012, For Purpose has had 61 graduates on the programme – 95% of these trainees were offered entry-level roles by the organisation on completion of their traineeship.

Programme Tailored to your Organisation’s requirements

We develop tailored traineeships across different career paths based on the needs of your organisation.

Growing Future Leaders

75% of For Purpose alumni are still working in the nonprofit sector.

Our Track Record 2020

2020 proved to be a highly successful year for the For Purpose programme. The level of interest in the programme continues to grow, with applications exceeding 300 applicants for certain roles, and the graduate trainees we have placed are making a real impact in their organisations.

Our aim of growing the future leaders of the sector is evident in the number of For Purpose graduates who continue to work in the sector following completion of their traineeship.

for purpose graduate applicants roles filled 2020

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