For Purpose Tuesdays Rob Foley For Purpose Graduate Programme

Thanks for attending For Purpose Tuesdays with Rob Foley

On Tuesday 9th November, For Purpose kicked off their third session of For Purpose Tuesdays. A huge thank you to Rob Foley, Senior Consultant at 2into3, who spoke to our graduates about the Fundraising Landscape in Ireland. Much of Rob’s work centres on relationship-based fundraising campaigns, wider strategy development and board engagement. Rob presented his strategic fundraising process, and asked our graduates about the future of fundraising in their respective nonprofit organisations.

2into3 work with mission-driven organisations to build capacity, so that they can have a transformative impact on society in Ireland and the world. 2into3 help in early stage strategy implementation and guide clients through early prospect identification and fundraising.

Rob Foley works with nonprofits to transform their fundraising strategy, supporting organisations through the fundraising journey from assessing the level of funding required, to developing the optimal fundraising mix. We were delighted that Rob attended our For Purpose Tuesdays session to chat to our graduates about fundraising in their nonprofit organisations.


For Purpose- Fundraising Session

During yesterday’s session, the graduates were placed into breakout rooms to brainstorm ideas for future fundraised income. The graduates proposed fantastic ideas from increasing fundraised income in communities, to developing greater brand awareness for each nonprofit sector. Placing our graduates into breakout rooms introduced an incentive to discuss fundraising knowledge and develop ideas for the future of the nonprofit sector.

For Purpose Tuesdays has been an excellent opportunity for our graduates to build a rapport with their peers, whilst gaining knowledge from sector leaders. Our final session of 2021 will take place next month, on the second Tuesday of December. Thanks a million to all of our graduates for participating, and to Rob for hosting this session.

For more information on For Purpose Tuesdays, visit our recent news item, or contact Rhonda Wynne at