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For Purpose Tuesdays- Final 2021 Session

For Purpose Tuesdays with Rebecca Droop

Our last 2021 session of For Purpose Tuesdays took place yesterday, on Tuesday 14th December, with Rebecca Droop, Analyst, from 2into3. Rebecca spoke to our graduates about Data Driven Decision- making in the Irish nonprofit sector, highlighting the nonprofit sector challenges and suggesting ideas to overcome these problems.


Rebecca Droop is a previous Assistant Analyst on the For Purpose Graduate Programme. She was recently promoted to Analyst in 2into3, conducting research for the Irish Giving Index and Giving Ireland in 2021. She also presents her fundraising findings at open webinars. We were thrilled to have one of our previous graduates speak to our current For Purpose grads.


Our graduates were then placed into breakout rooms. Rebecca asked the grads to consider the challenges their individual organisation’s face in the nonprofit sector. Some graduates discussed the lack of data available in the nonprofit sector to gain insight into their field. Other graduates mentioned how limited resources including staff, budget and time etc., reduced the organisations’ capacity to build and achieve their goals.


It is extremely beneficial for our graduates to discuss the challenges they face in their organisations. Through discussion and idea sharing we attempt to provide solutions in an open but confidential space. Rebecca interacted with our graduates furthermore through a Q&A session. Our graduates discussed other topics including working from home, data challenges in their field and more.


Thank you to our 2021 Panelists

For Purpose Tuesdays was our newest addition to the For Purpose Graduate Programme. Our four sessions have been extremely successful and we would like to thank John Evoy, Eabha Harper McKeever, Rob Foley, Rebecca Droop for speaking during each session.

For Purpose Tuesdays has been an excellent opportunity for our graduates to build a rapport with their peers, whilst gaining knowledge from sector experts and leaders.

For more information on For Purpose Tuesdays, visit our recent news item, or contact Rhonda Wynne at