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For Purpose Tuesdays Language used in Nonprofit Sector

We had a brilliant morning launching our first For Purpose Tuesdays session of 2023. We welcomed some familiar graduates and introduced two new members to the For Purpose Graduate Programme, Theo and Nadine. They applied for our Assistant Analyst and Assistant Recruiter positions with 2into3. We are delighted to welcome them to the For Purpose Graduate Programme.


Language and Terminology in Nonprofit Sector

There are many complexities surrounding language used within the nonprofit sector. Therefore, for our first session of 2023, our Head of For Purpose, Dr. Rhonda Wynne, presented an interesting seminar on the terminology used to describe the sector. This was an excellent opportunity for our graduates to learn more about mindfulness when describing the nonprofit sector, inclusive language and how we can develop the sector further.

Rhonda opened the learning seminar by discussing what terms are currently used to describe the nonprofit sector. Terms such as the third sector, nonprofit, not-for-profit, charity sector and social sector are all used interchangeably. With this variety of language circulated throughout the sector, it can cause some issues. The multiple ways in which we speak about the nonprofit sector can cause confusion, particularly within the general public.


Why language matters in nonprofit sector?


  1. To provide inclusiveness within vulnerable groups
  2. To provide clarity within the general public
  3. To decrease misinformation / stigma

When working for mission-driven organisations, using the correct language is crucial. Many nonprofits work with extremely vulnerable groups and therefore must consider the most inclusive language in order to empower them. Furthermore, the use of coherent language will provide more clarity and less confusion to people outside the nonprofit sector.

Future Focused

Terminology used to describe the sector is continually changing. With each decade, there are new ways of describing people, groups and organisations’ missions which are more inclusive and empowering. It is especially important for our graduates, the future leaders of the nonprofit sector, to engage in conversations surrounding the language we use to describe the sector and aim to continually improve. This session a great opportunity to discuss this topic with all of our graduates – thank you to all of our graduates who provided fantastic insights during our first session of the year.

More Information

If you are interested in learning more about the For Purpose Graduate Programme, visit our page. For more information on current opportunities, visit our Current Vacancies. To speak with the Head of For Purpose directly, contact Rhonda Wynne at