For Purpose Graduate Programme Tuesdays Thanks for Attending 2021

Thanks for attending For Purpose Tuesdays

Thanks for attending our first For Purpose Tuesdays session on 14th September. Our first learning seminar was from John Evoy, General Manager of Grow Remote.

Structure of For Purpose Tuesdays

The For Purpose grads were placed into breakout rooms. This gave them a chance to understand each other’s role, responsibilities and to access peer-to-peer conversation.

Afterwards, John Evoy described his career journey to our graduates. From working as a farmer, to his career with ‘Grow remote’, John has many years’ experience in the nonprofit sector. He is the founder and previous CEO of, ‘Irish Men’s Shed Association’. This is a place where men can come together to learn skills and make long-lasting friendships together in their community.

The Men’s Shed has achieved significant success across Ireland, receiving governmental and European recognition of their contribution to Ireland. In 2018, the Association received the European Citizen’s Award after being nominated by Irish MEPs.

Hereafter, John discussed his career with ‘Grow Remote’ in a Q&A format with our graduates.


What is Grow Remote?

Grow remote is a community group who were initially curious about how remote working could help our communities.

Grow Remote’s aim is to develop the entire ecosystem for remote working. John believes there is unlimited potential for remote working in Ireland, as we can reduce traffic, create more co-working spaces, with less fossil fuels burned from travelling to work. More remote working could result in greater spending in local communities, having a transformative impact on smaller villages and towns in Ireland.

There are 50,000 remote jobs available in Ireland currently, including many startups which are now fully remote. The benefit of continuing to work this way is having the freedom over your own time and personal priorities.

John’s learning seminar was extremely beneficial for our graduates, because it opened the possibility of remaining remote after the pandemic is well and truly over.


Our first learning seminar of our For Purpose Tuesdays was extremely successful. We would like to extend a warm thank you to John for sharing his knowledge with our graduates. We look forward to joining our graduates next month at For Purpose Tuesdays!

For more information, contact Rhonda Wynne or visit our website.