Social Housing & Approved Housing Bodies

Approved Housing Bodies (AHBs) are not-for-profit organisations who provide and manage social rented housing to tenants who are in need of housing but are unable to provide their own. Whilst the vast majority of houses are provided for general needs, there are a number of specialist AHBs that provide homes for older people, people with physical and intellectual needs or previously homeless. AHBs work closely with local authorities providing alternative housing to people who are generally on the local authority waiting lists.

There are over 520 AHBs currently operating throughout Ireland, with a stock size of 30,000 homes between them. Due to the growing demand for affordable housing, many AHBs are expanding rapidly, offering numerous opportunities for graduates to enjoy a varied and rewarding career. The sector is rapidly growing in Ireland due to an increased need for social housing. For Purpose offers traineeships in AHBs across Housing Management and Property Surveying, both of which offer training and development opportunities for trainees and a skillset which is in high demand.

For Purpose has partnered with three of Ireland’s largest AHBs (Clúid Housing, Túath Housing and Co-operative Housing Ireland) to recruit and train graduates trainees in property surveying. We are searching for graduates to join the For Purpose programme and work directly with our AHB partner organisations. The programme offers learning and development opportunities with access to formal accreditation, scope for progression and attractive working environments.

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About our AHB Partners

Clúid Housing: Clúid Housing is an award winning, not-for-profit charity providing over 6500 affordable, high quality homes to people in housing need. Established in 1994, Clúid has grown to become the largest AHB in Ireland.

Clúid aims to maximise business success as a housing association. The organisations operate as efficiently and effectively as possible and aims to ensure that its financial stewardship is of the highest standard. Surpluses are reinvested back into the organisation to further its social mission. This social mission is at Clúid’s core.

Co-operative Housing Ireland: Co-operative Housing Ireland is Ireland’s national federation for the cooperative housing sector. Since its foundation in 1973 co-operative housing has supported the provision of approximately 5,000 homes across a mix of tenures, taken responsibility for the ongoing management of 2,000 homes available at affordable rents, promoted the development of locally affiliated co-operative societies across Ireland and provided wider community development opportunities such as Childcare Services.

Túath Housing: Túath Housing provides accommodation for single people, families and those with special needs. Since its establishment in 2000, Túath has grown to become one of Ireland’s largest approved housing bodies. The organisation currently provides and manages over 4,400 homes with offices in Dublin, Cork, Galway and Dundalk.

Túath’s motivation is not financially driven. It aims to provide long-term, safe and quality housing, at the best possible value whilst locally building mixed, sustainable communities. Túáth’s staff are essential to achieving this aim.

Check out the pages below to find out more about beginning your career in an AHB as a Housing Management Trainee or a Property Surveying Trainee on the For Purpose programme!