Fundraising & Communications

What does a fundraiser do?

A fundraiser is responsible for generating income for a not-for-profit through donations. Fundraisers utilise a range of methods and tools to secure donations ranging from direct marketing, events, corporate support, grants and more. Donors come in all shapes and sizes and can be members of the public, corporations and trusts and foundations. The communications side of fundraising involves telling an organisation’s story to the public and promoting the work and impact of a not-for-profit to the public and prospective and current donors.

What skills and qualifications do I need to be a fundraiser?

• Relationship management skills
• Communication skills
• Commercial mindset
• Time management
• Minimum Level 7 Bachelor degree in any discipline.

Where can I work as a fundraiser?

Fundraisers work across all parts of the not-for-profit sector ranging from international organisations to social services, health, education, arts & culture organisations and more. Fundraisers can either be part of a large team in bigger not-for-profits, or they can work individually as the sole fundraiser in smaller organisations.

What is the career path for a fundraiser?

  • 6


  • 5

    Director of Fundraising

  • 4

    Fundraising Manager

  • 3

    Fundraising Coordinator

  • 2

    Fundraising Executive

  • 1

    Fundraising Trainee