Why support For Purpose graduates?

The For Purpose Social Impact Graduate Programme was established to provide a structured and unified graduate programme for the charity and community sector in Ireland. Our mentoring programme forms one of the three core pillars of our programme, alongside one-year paid employment and monthly learning seminars.

A mentor is a trusted advisor who provides guidance to the mentee (graduate).  Their mentor is there to support them in the transition from education to employment. We match early career professionals with experienced professionals from varied backgrounds who can provide insight into the nonprofit sector and offer unbiased support. Furthermore, mentors also work with their mentee to clarify goals and develop career ideas, identify key learnings and support them in moving forward in their career.

“For Purpose provided me with the tools to excel in my role. My meetings with my mentor were hugely beneficial, he had a wealth of knowledge and his approach really helped me. My experience on the programme has only cemented my desire to continue my career.”

“The mentor was the best support I had. Someone to listen to my work problems and give advice to me was great.”

“My mentor helped me grow a lot. She helped me reflect and build confidence in my work”.

Meet our mentors

I transitioned from the private sector to the nonprofit sector back in 2011. I would have really appreciated the support of an external mentor at the time. So, when I saw For Purpose, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to provide support to current graduates, so they can develop their careers within the nonprofit sector.”

About the Role of Mentors

A Mentor is a trusted advisor who will provide directed guidance to the mentee (graduate), and who is there the support them in the transition from education to employment. The purpose of the relationship is the passing on of knowledge, experience and offering advice. We aim to match early career professionals with experienced professionals with a broad mix of backgrounds and expertise.

  • Communication

    We ask that our mentors are energetic professionals, clear and confident communicators, and are keen to demonstrate a positive approach to develop the mentees as they complete their 12-month work placement.  

  • Transparency

    They act in an open and transparent way, willingly sharing relevant professional experience and applying their own knowledge and life experiences when advising mentees in their decision making.  


  • Confidentiality

    We ask that Mentors are mindful of boundaries and confidentiality but equally receptive and non-judgemental in all interactions. 

How it works

For Purpose Mentor Process

Our Mentors

Michelle Reynolds

Michelle Reynolds

Michelle is an experienced nonprofit professional, recognised for her leadership approach grounded in empathy, inclusivity, and collaboration.

Jane Trenaman

Jane Trenaman Salesforce For Purpose Mentor

Jane is a nonprofit strategic advisor, with years of experience in fundraising, marketing and research in the nonprofit sector.

Emma Morgan

Emma Morgan For Purpose Mentor

Emma Morgan has worked in the nonprofit sector for 13 years. She has extensive experience in fundraising development and organisational strategy.

Annalisa O’Carroll

Annalisa is an executive coach and business consultant, delivering high value education, support and strategic planning programmes.

Fiona Barry

Fiona Barry Mentor For Purpose Graduate Programme

Fiona has worked since the early 1990s across the community and voluntary sector, working across diverse groups and projects.

How to become a For Purpose Mentor

We are always open to welcoming new mentors on our programme. If you’re a dedicated professional with the drive to help shape future leaders, please contact our Recruitment Consultant, Aoife Duff at aoife.duff@forpurpose.ie to discuss becoming a mentor. For more information on our recent graduates, visit here.

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