Ben Lomasney

My interest in marketing in the not-for-profit sector came about relatively recently in my life. During my year studying marketing abroad in the Netherlands in 2016, I had the amazing opportunity to work alongside SingelSwim Utrecht, a charity swim in The Netherlands in aid of FSHD. This was my first experience working in the not-for-profit sector and I was immediately inspired to gain professional experience in this industry in the future.

The For Purpose Graduate Programme gave me the opportunity to gain this experience. I discovered the grad programme on the Grad Ireland website when I saw a Marketing Assistant role advertised with Ag Eisteacht. The process was well structured from the get-go, beginning with a preliminary interview with For Purpose which then resulted in an interview with Ag Eisteacht themselves before I was formally offered the position. The role itself is incredibly varied and fulfilling. I am not only getting experience in the day-to-day marketing activities but also am learning everything from administrative duties to customer service. I’ve also been given the opportunity to begin learning graphic design skills which will prove incredibly beneficial in my professional career.

The For Purpose Programme also involves mentoring sessions once a month. These are incredibly helpful as you are assigned your own mentor for 1-to-1 sessions where you can talk about whatever you would like. I have already received some great advice on how I can develop myself professionally, what I can do to add value at Ag Eisteacht and even advice on the likes of what Masters degrees might benefit my professional development. For me, they are one of the stand-out features of the programme.

The For Purpose Graduate Programme has been a brilliant experience for me. Already I have been given great advice from my mentor, gained valuable marketing experience working with Ag Eisteacht and have made some hugely beneficial connections within the sector. My advice to any graduate looking to join the not-for-profit sector would be to seriously consider the For Purpose Graduate Programme as it provides the most helpful and beneficial gateway into professional life in the sector.